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Photography: Mannheim & Heidelberg


Dear visitors,

I am pleased to welcome you to my website.

May I introduce myself as a freelance photographer, based out of Mannheim, Germany. Although my work is based out of Mannheim, upon request I have also been able to service client needs throughout different locations across Europe.

Having been a photographer for many years, and developed a solid clientele base I have tailored my photography focus in a few select areas such as; events and people photography, industrial and architectural photography, and also the art of food photography.

My client portfolio includes many reputable national and international companies, public institutions, as well as regional businesses and individuals.

If you are interested I would greatly appreciate to may send you a detailed portfolio and an exemplary selection of photographic works.

Best regards,
Gerhard Kopatz
“Photography is the art of frozen time, the ability to store emotion and
feelings within a frame.”
- Meshack Otieno
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